The source

The most important part of a juice cleanse is arguably in the juice itself. You have to put the best in your body to get the most out of your cleanse! We take all the necessary measures to ensure that our juice is the most nutritionally dense, highest-quality product possible, with no additives of any kind.

All of our juices are living, vegan/non-dairy, non-pasteurized and packed with the nutritional punch you need to flood your body with nutrients and encourage the body’s natural process of cleaning.

Our juices come from various sources; some of these have gone through the lengthy, arduous task of certifying themselves organic and others have not. Our mission is to promote pesticide-free farming in Ibiza while buying as much locally grown goods as possible. Sustainable farming and natural produce is essential part of our philosophy on healthy living – and it should be yours, too!

Get started

We take out all the guess work of juicing and make it easy and convenient for you to get started!

iPurify’s unique home delivery service means you can get your juices delivered straight to the door of your home, hotel, villa or boat – anywhere on the island. We deliver your juice fresh the morning you begin your clease, so you can be certain you are drinking on the highest quality juice.

“Completing the detox, there was no arguing with an improvement to my skin tone and hair condition… Although I couldn’t quite define it, I also felt clearer of mind too.”