The story so far

Founded by juice cleansing aficionado and health guru Cliff Grubin, iPurify has been delivering fresh, live juice cleanses to the doors of satisfied clients since 2011.

Just one year later, word-of-mouth has spread on Ibiza about this unique cleansing system that combines cold-pressed, live juice cleanses with the convenience of a home delivery service.

Read our testimonials and the press, and see for yourself why iPurify has the whole island talking!

Get started

We take out all the guess work of juicing and make it easy and convenient for you to get started!

iPurify’s unique home delivery service means you can get your juices delivered straight to the door of your home, hotel, villa or boat – anywhere on the island. We deliver your juice fresh the morning you begin your clease, so you can be certain you are drinking on the highest quality juice.

“Completing the detox, there was no arguing with an improvement to my skin tone and hair condition… Although I couldn’t quite define it, I also felt clearer of mind too.”