Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is a possible and likely outcome, but not the goal of an iPurify cleanse. iPurify is designed to give your body a break and to eliminate harmful toxins, and put you on the right track towards leading a much healthier life. If you do lose weight, and that was something you were looking for while cleansing, then that’s just a happy side effect. Basically, if you have weight to lose, you will lose it. If you don’t, you won’t.

Will I gain all the weight back?

Hopefully, if weight control is your goal, the iPurify cleanse will put you on a path towards healthier habits. Many people report being able to focus more on what they are putting into their bodies after a cleanse. Make this your goal in preparing for your cleanse by asking yourself, “What am I going to do when this cleanse is over?” It’s a wonderful opportunity to “reset” your bad habits and reinforce the importance taking care of your body and yourself.

How many calories are in each level?

Each level offers between 900 – 1100 calories. Bear in mind that counting calories with raw foods and juice is not equivalent to the calories you count on a traditional diet of cooked and/or processed foods. Nothing is wasted here, because the body knows how to assimilate all the calories in raw live foods. A regular diet of 2,000 calories for example, might only have about 1200 useable calories; the rest is “wasted” or stored as fat.

Overall, we encourage you to move away from calorie-oriented thinking, as there is really no comparison between the calories you consume on a juice cleanse and the calories you consume in every day life – 500 calories of live juice is NOT the same 500 calories as a bagel with cream cheese! We focus on nutritional content as opposed to the calorie content, as iPurify is more about nutrition and flooding your body with live enzymes.

Is it organic?

Our produce is procured from a wide variety of sources. Some of these have gone through the lengthy, arduous task of certifying themselves organic and others have not. Our mission is to promote pesticide-free farming in Ibiza while buying as much locally grown goods as possible. We will not play the certified /non-certified game. We prefer to buy pesticide free, locally grown apples from trusted suppliers to certified organic Argentinean or New Zealand ones.

Does it matter what order I drink the juices in?

Yes! The order of the juices is specifically designed with your body’s function in mind. When your stomach is empty first thing in the morning, your body able to assimilate whatever you put in it much more than if you consumed something prior. That, for example, is why we always have green juice first, so your body will absorb ALL of the vitamins and nutrients without interruption.

That said, don’t worry too much if you have to switch it up a bit. For example, if you are used to having a morning protein fix as a pick-me-up, your cleanse won’t be ruined if you have half of the cashew milk for breakfast. This is when we can give ourselves permission to improvise.

What level should I do? What do you recommend?

If you have you never cleansed before, the PURE juice cleanse might be right for you. If you like/tolerate green juice, have you cleansed before and want to try the next step, we recommend the ESSENTIAL Cleanse. And if you love green juice and want to have the maximum cleansing experience go ahead and give the ULTIMATE cleanse a go!

What’s the difference between green vs. fruit juice?

The main benefit of green juice is its alkalizing effect. Fruit juices are more astringent; essentially the fruit digs it up and the green moves it out. Think of how your eyes start to water and maybe your nose runs a little when you bite into a lemon – citrus is a wonderful natural expectorant.

How often should / can I cleanse?

Ideally, you should cleanse at least once a month. This will allow your body a chance to recover while maintaining a very healthy lifestyle. You can start a cleanse any time you like – it is good to cleanse before or after indulging on holiday, or when you are feeling tired, depressed, constipated and sickly, so as to strengthen your immune system and keep you on track.

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

To supplement your normal diet, yes but alone, no. In addition to your body requiring more calories while breastfeeding, the body releases greater quantities of toxins than normal during a cleanse or fast, increasing the likelihood that you could pass these toxins to your baby. That said, adding iPurify to your regular diet while breastfeeding and/or pregnant is an excellent way to give you the added nourishment your body so desperately needs during that time.

I am allergic to cashews. What can I do?

We offer a replacement for the cashew juice for those who have cashew allergies. You will receive an extra spicy lemonade instead. But please be aware that all of our juices are made in the same factory.

Can I cleanse on medication?

It depends. Our cleanse is actually the perfect partner for antibiotics, because they fight off harmful bacteria while also depleting the body’s supply of healthy bacteria; our cleanse is packed with nutrients that will help your body fight off the bad and replenish the good bacteria. An extended cleanse will even help strengthen your immune system to prevent illness in the future.However, we would not recommend a juice cleanse if you are on blood thinning medication, for example, because of the amount of greens in our cleanses.

Always check with your doctor before starting a cleanse while on medication.

I have a gluten allergy. Can I still cleanse?

Absolutely! We are gluten-free. In fact, there is nothing added to our juice but juice! Absolutely NO additives, animal products or by-products and 100 per cent vegan.