Coffee enema

Colon cleansing is an excellent way to supplement your juice cleanse, and can help you achieve the optimal cleansing results you are after.

An incredibly efficient and safe way to detoxify, coffee enemas use is well-known and scientifically documented. This common remedy that has been around since before World War II and has been used as a suggested treatment by holistic and alternative medicine professionals for many years, was popularized by Max Gerson MD from the Gerson Institute.

Coffee enemas are extremely effective because caffeine is known to dilate bile ducts and stimulate an important enzyme in the liver called glutathione S-transferase, thereby removing even more toxins and partial metaboiles from the body. While the coffee enema is being held in the gut, all the blood in the body passes through the liver at least five times. Every three minutes, all the blood in your body passes through your liver.

This enzyme when stimulated by coffee increases in activity by 600 – 700 per cent above normal – no other material on earth is known to stimulate it as much! That’s why people are known to get a buzz off of a cup of coffee in the morning, why some people are too grouchy to do anything but read the newspaper until they’ve had their coffee, and why coffee is so effective in clearing heads. In addition to stimulating the enzyme system, there are other positive effects, such as the dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts, the relaxation of smooth muscles, and the increase of bile flow.

We recommend coffe enemas at least one time per day and ideally, twice a day – once in the morning, and once in the early evening – during your cleanse. We provide you with instructions on how to do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience!

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We recommend coffee enemas at least once per day during your cleanse.